Are Vaccines Safe and Effective?

For many years I blindly believed that vaccines are what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), big pharmaceutical companies, and doctors who practice allopathic medicine have claimed them to be, “vaccines are safe and effective”.  I blame myself for not having the capacity to question the education that I received in the K-12 public school system in California and especially the one I received during my undergraduate studies in Junior College and at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  When I was taking courses in Microbiology at Cal Poly Pomona, never once did my professors relate to me that there is  an alternative view, that vaccines are NOT safe and they are NOT effective.  One may read the package inserts that pharmaceutical companies provide with their vaccines  in which it is stated that their vaccine product has not been evaluated for Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, or Impairment of Fertility.  Vaccine manufacturers know that they have not evaluated vaccines for Carcinogenic Potential, Mutagenic Potential, and the Potential to Impair Fertility, yet they have no inhibitions in making the claim that vaccines are safe and effective.  Furthermore, top-level officials at the Center for Disease Creation and Proliferation, vaccine manufacturers, and brainwashed medical doctors who repeat the information given to them by vaccine manufacturers and CDC, not only repeat the LIE that vaccines are safe and effective, but also state that the benefits far outweigh the risks of having adverse reactions to any vaccine. I highly recommend to all parents and future parents to watch Vaccine-Nation by GaryNull, Ph.D.

 For decades now many parents have blindly accepted the false claim that vaccines are safe and effective not ever realizing that their child’s pediatrician receives extra monetary compensation for each child that is fully vaccinated. Many parents do not realize that top-level officials at the Center for Disease Creation and  big pharmaceutical companies actually profit from vaccine induced chronic diseases. Big Pharma will profit heavily from the medications they create for vaccine induced chronic diseases. What has happened to parents whose children were seriously harmed by vaccines?  Most of these parents were told that the vaccines that were administered to their children did not cause the serious injuries or deaths that occurred to their children after receiving vaccinations. If these parents only knew the deadly truth about vaccines and if they were not intentionally misinformed about the actual number of  events in which children are seriously injured or have died as a result of  receiving vaccinations their children today would be alive and thriving happily.  Parents are told by pediatricians that vaccine induced deaths and serious injuries are rare events, even though only ten percent of  adverse reactions to vaccinations are reported by physicians.  An innocent child, merely an infant, or a 1 to 2-year-old boy or girl after having an adverse reaction to a vaccine, where he or she dies, or comes down with a permanent neurological disorder are dehumanized by doctors as mere “outliers” or extreme cases.  Even my son’s pediatrician told me that there is no way to prescreen how an individual will react to a vaccine, unless he or she already has a pre-existing condition.  Moreover, because infants receive multiple vaccinations for diseases in one day, for instance, my son received 4 shots of combination vaccines at six months of age,  doctors will not be able determine which combination vaccine shot caused the injury.  For many years now most parents have blindly trusted the expertise and the morality of doctors. If we live in a utopian society we might be able to say that doctors are individuals who are trustworthy and moral individuals who are incapable of being lured and corrupted by powerful and influential pharmaceutical companies.  The truth is that most doctors in allopathic medicine will never admit that for many years vaccines have seriously harmed and killed infants, toddlers, teenagers, and young adults.  After reading a lot of literature and watching documentaries about vaccines, I found out that cases of  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome  occur during the time infants receive vaccinations, at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 12 months.  Then babies receive more vaccines at 15 months, 18 months, and at 2 years of age.  In fact annual flu shots, which are not effective, and the side effects of them include the flu or flu-like symptoms, progressive paralysis, or death, is highly recommended by officials at the Center for Disease Creation and Proliferation for all individuals from 6 months old to 49 years of age.

Another great documentary about vaccines is called Mercury, Autism, and the Global Vaccine Agenda by David Ayoub, M.D. Now that I am a mother of a 2 1/2-year-old boy I know more about vaccines.  Before I allowed nurses to inject my son with vaccines, I wish my husband and I knew about the information one may read in the package inserts that pharmaceutical companies provide for each vaccine product.  I wish my husband and I had known that the cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndromes happened during an infants vaccination schedule.  Also, I wish that when I gave birth to my son I knew about the dangers of and the toxic ingredients in vaccines because I would have never allowed anyone to inject my son with the Hepatitis B Vaccine on the first day of his life.  I should not have trusted doctors and nurses whose source of information about vaccines are from corrupt  pharmaceutical companies who fund the the institutions where doctors, nurses, and university professors receive during their education and indoctrination.  Doctors, nurses, teachers, professors, and the general public are only good as the information they are given.  For the sake of the general public it is hoped that the information doctors and nurses received as students was unadulterated and based on true findings.  Unfortunately the latter is not the case, because as I dig deeper and deeper in my research, the truth I have come across with is shocking and disturbing.  It is not a coincidence that as the number of vaccines that are given to a child during the first 2 years of  his or her life have increased, ever since 1999, the number of autism and developmental delays have increased in children.  Today, autism cases in children  have increased to 1 in 85, and most cases of autism are in boys.  Is it a coincidence that there is a high demand for special education teachers?  There will be an ongoing demand for special education teachers and speech pathologists as more and more children are not able to function at a normal capacity, as they are diagnosed with some form of developmental delay.   The first time I began to doubt the safety of vaccines was when my son’s pediatrician told us that Joseph should be speaking 20 to 25 words by the time he turned 2 years old.  My son is now 2 1/2 years old and he still not does speak 20 to 25 words.  He has improved as far as saying phrases such as “There it is” or “All gone” but Joseph has yet say his name to us and sing the ABC song.  The good news is that Joseph attempts to sing the ABCs, Jingle Bells, and Away in a Manger by babbling out the lyrics.  My  son’s pediatrician has  diagnosed Joseph with delayed speech.  I asked Joseph’s pediatrician what could have caused my son’s delayed speech, and the doctor said some kids just take longer.  I knew that Joseph’s pediatrician would never admit that vaccines could have caused my son’s developmental delay.  My husband and I remember that Joseph’s  speech regressed after receiving two vaccine shots at the 15 months well visit.  For those of you out there who are interested to find out more about vaccines, there is an interesting article called Vaccines: A Bullet to the Head by Dr. Sherri Tenny and Inoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destruction by Rebecca Carley, M.D., scroll down to read the article.  Another must read is Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated: Petition To The President To Abolish Compulsory Vaccination (pdf)  by Chas M. Higgins.   To learn more about vaccines read Dr. Rebecca Carley’s Newsletters and visit Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute at  and you will find articles and video presentations such as Overdosed Babies .  Other must visit websites about vaccines and weapons of mass destruction  is StoptheCrime.Net to read Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars (pdf). Go to ExperimentalVaccines.Org,, and To read Protocols of the Elders of Zion go to Radio Islam and to read about Zionism and Jewish influence on American government visit The Ugly Truth Network by Mark Glenn.  To find out Who Did 9/11 go to Fuerza Perspective by Zander C. Fuerza to read his book called Zionism, 9/11, and the War on Terror Hoax and read Jew World Order by ZCF.  Another must visit website is Mask of Zion by Jonathan Azaziah to read 9/11 Israel’s Grand Deception.


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